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In the providence of God, 9 individuals came to the Wisconsin Territory with a desire to build on new land claims in the Town of Warren (now the Village of Merton).   These individuals also came with a desire to worship their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.  And so, on August 31, 1843, a local church was formed.  Originally named Warren Baptist Church and then for many years First Baptist Church of Merton, our name is now Grace Hill Church.  Their first convert was baptized 18 months later in the Bark River.  A church building was built in 1855, which was used for worship until 2009 when a new building was built on 13 acres of farmland on the south edge of the Village.  One consistent theme throughout its long history has been a commitment to preserve and proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  We are grateful to God for how He has kept His people faithful to the Gospel in the past, and we earnestly desire for God to continue that work in His people here in Merton and beyond for the Glory of His great name.     

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