What do we do when we gather
together as a church?

We Worship

We worship as we give fitting response to God for who He is and what He has given us in Jesus Christ by the Holy Spirit.  This response includes being devoted to the Lord’s Supper, the ministry of the Word, the Fellowship of believers, and to prayer, all for the praise of God’s glory! 

We Fellowship

All those who belong to Jesus Christ also belong to one another.  Therefore we aim to develop personal relationships in the church that help one another mature and persevere together in the Faith with joy and delight.   

We Make Disciples

When God gifts us with new life in Jesus, we are enabled to place our faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, and we are given a new heart that desires to follow Him.  We follow Jesus as we learn to obey all that He taught in His Word, the Bible.  As we learn from Him, our lives are transformed in such a way that He becomes our greatest treasure and delight.  And as that happens, we want to share Him with others.  Making disciples, then, also includes telling others about the Good News of Jesus, with a desire for God to bring them to life in Jesus Christ.

We Pray

We love God as we commune with Him in prayer.  It is our joyful duty to pray that God would be glorified, and that His will would be done perfectly in our lives and in this world.  Prayer expresses our utter dependence upon God for our daily needs, for the well-being of our souls, and for fruitful ministry to others.   

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Sunday Worship - 10:00 am
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